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Standard Bridal Arch

The standard arch has a layer of tulle surrounded by white flowers and greenery. We can add any coloured flowers to match the colour scheme of your ceremony.









   Standard White arch

   The white arch has a layer of tulle with greenery and    white flowers lining the front. Other coloured flowers may    be added.







Victorian Style Bridal Arch

The Victorian style arch forms a peak at the top and a bunch of flowers sits in the centre. It is layered with white flowers and greenery and colours can be arranged to match your ceremony colour scheme.





Heart Bridal Arch


The popular heart arch is covered with white tulle and flowers and some greenery. Coloured flowers can be added to match the colour scheme of your ceremony







We use tulle, organza, chiffon & satin materials to add draping or to decorate an entrance or cover up any existing bench seats etc..





Bridal canopy (Chuppah)


 Bamboo Bridal Canopy (Chuppah)

 The canopy is put together using bamboo poles and  chiffon material.

 Flowers are placed on the two front corners at the top. It  can be used either on sand, grass or concrete.





Bamboo Frame with chiffon 

 Bamboo Arch

 The bamboo arch is approx 2 metres in width and  2  metres in height. Chiffon is added for decoration.

 A variety of colours can be used to match your  ceremony colour scheme.

 It also comes with stands to be used on hard surfaces











Sign & Easel

Welcome sign & easel.    

The easel comes in both black and white, you may add any information you wish.





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