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Bali Flags


 Bali Flags

The white Bali flags are 4 metres tall with a 1 metre overhang and a white heart on the end.

We also provide other colours....





White padded resin folding chair


White resin folding chair

The white resin folding chair has a padded seat and looks stunning on it's own without a cover.

You can dress it up with a sash or simply place a bunch or ball of flowers to the inner seat down the aisle.







Chairs with covers & sash

Our chair covers are white and sashes come in many colours. The sash is tied into a bow at the back with a flower sitting on top of the knot.







     White Silk Rose Ball

      These look lovely attached to the side of our resin       chairs or hanging off shepherds hooks.









        Purple Silk Rose Ball

           A lovely touch to our resin chairs or hanging from            shepherds hooks.










     Pink Silk Rose Ball

       These pretty pink rose balls look lovely hanging from        our chairs or shepherds hook or even nearby trees








     Pink & White Peony Ball

       Another gorgeous flower ball which looks good hanging      from our black or white shepherds hooks or our folding       chairs.











    Red Silk Rose Heart

     These red hearts also look gorgeous hanging from our      resin chairs.

     They can be used on the signing table or hanging from      nearby trees.







   White wicker hearts

     White wicker hearts look great hanging anywhere.










    Tiki Torches 

     Our tiki torches look great along side an aisle on the

     beach. They can be dressed up with shells as shown.

     Please note they will not be lit for safety purposes.









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